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We create marketing and advertising that generates human interest in your product or service. It’s that simple.


With so many channels, technologies and competitors available to consumers and businesses, how do you break through the clutter?


Well, you don’t have to use every marketing platform or data point available, just the right ones to reach your goals.


What are the right ones? For us, that’s where the fun begins in trying to help figure out the best way to reach customers so they can be inspired by your product or service.


For over a decade, 97 Degrees West has been realizing marketing success for our clients with this approach. Are you ready to be the next one? 

Let’s Create Something >

Woman floatng in the air in front of a Clarus glassboard

A few of the verticals we’ve engaged in and partners we’ve helped:


Ag Equipment/Automotive

Medical Devices
Natural Gas

Beverage Dispensing
Commercial Lighting


Commercial Design

Healthcare Plans

Motion Systems


For B2B social, LinkedIn impressions and engagements are what matters.

LG Heat Pump unit featured in a moden concrete room

It's not About Us, it's About You!

Our aim is to break your company out of the typical marketing conundrums, like brand sameness, low engagement and small percentage conversions.


We partner with those who are willing to take the leap to do what is needed, even if it makes them a little uncomfortable. Don’t worry, we’re great hand holders.


Yes, we can help you with that:

  • B2C and B2B Advertising Campaigns

  • Brand Greatness and Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Lead and Demand Generation

  • Human Research

  • Media, KPI’s and Data


After we got done, LG Pro Dealers had over 2,100 more opportunities to make a sale.

Nicely dressed gentleman holding a beer in the air next to a Laner Worldwide beverage disenser

We took a great legacy brand and connected it to the 21st century. 


Gen Z is Soooooo Now

Let’s face it, Generation Z is a new type of consumer and the old ways of selling to them aren’t going to cut it. Read what’s important to this generation in terms of their marketing preferences and how you can craft an authentic message that connects. 


Line drawing of a woman holding a bottle and looking at it with magnifying glass

We developed the Accuracy Challenge to put CBD companies on notice.



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