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We’ve been thrilled with the results of our consumer awareness and leads campaign. Our LG HVAC contractors have seen a steady stream of inquiries about our products, and we knew through our ongoing work with 97 Degrees West they would deliver a compelling message and performance-driven media strategy.

— Maija Hurst, Manager/Digital Marketing


more leads than promised


annual profit


new leads


Everyone knows LG, it’s an admired brand in North America and the world. Like all big conglomerates, they compete in different industries where they have expertise. One of these areas is HVAC for residential and commercial projects, but they face a lot of stiff competition from more established companies in the US market.  


While LG’s TV products and other electronics are popular with consumers, very few people know they offer whole home HVAC solutions in the USA. Over a 5 month period in 2022 we decided to change this by rolling out two digital campaigns geared toward a cooling message for the first phase and a heating message for the second. 


The HVAC industry has two primary seasons (summer and winter) and two “shoulder” seasons. The shoulder seasons are spring and fall, and that is where you aim to start getting people ready for the upcoming heat and cold by taking action to upgrade or replace their current system. We created our campaign involving video, social and programmatic banners to take advantage of the Millennial home purchasing trend and because of their familiarity with the brand. Our targeting focused on their media consumption habits and ares of interest for this group.


Over a 5 month period we drove over 2,100 leads to LG HVAC Pro Dealers in various regions throughout the country. The goal was 100 leads per month based on historical data, we blew that out of the water by over 300% on average per month. All while keeping cost per lead below the expected expense by 200%. Additionally, LG’s HVAC division achieved a 20% profit for the year - something that had never been accomplished before.

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