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97 Degrees West treats us like we are their top priority; they give us 100% of their attention. The increase we saw in engagements for our LinkedIn channel showed us that people were interested in learning more about us as a company. 97 helped plan and execute content that fulfilled that need and gained us consideration.

— Larissa Brown, Director of Marketing


increase in engagement


new followers


increase in impressions


Clarus, based out of Fort Worth, TX, is the originator of the glassboard for visual communications. Glassboards are superior to typical “whiteboards” for displaying information to audiences with improved marker saturation, enhanced cleaning properties and clearer projected content. They’re typical target market is interior designers, architects and material purchasers for buildings.


Clarus has great 1st party data that they have built up over the years, but their engagement with the audience beyond that wasn’t as strong as it needed to be. We needed to get their target more engaged with the brand so that they understood the depth of product offerings and commitment to good manufacturing practices.


While 97 Degrees West is not primarily a social media agency, we do see value in the channel when appropriate. Pinterest and Instagram were good for showing “sexy” examples of products, but making a more concerted effort to provide real business value through LinkedIn appeared to be an opportunity. We designed a content strategy to highlight Clarus’s efforts in sustainability, innovation, logistics and demonstrating the “people” side of the company.


YOY results in organic LinkedIn engagements went from 55 in 2021 to 2,798 in 2022: a 4,987% increase. Yes, that’s right, almost a 5,000% increase in engagement with the brand. Additionally, impressions went from 2,073 in 2021 to 96,584 in 2022. We also added over 1,500 new followers on the platform over the course of 2022, 100+ per month.

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