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NextEvo Naturals is a nationwide CBD supplement company based out of Philadelphia. Started by former Johnson and Johnson executives to upend CBD’s low quality reputation, they understand the importance of having a product that delivers on what it promises.


The CBD supplement industry is unfortunately rife with unscrupulous purveyors who put out products that don’t reflect the ingredients listed on their labels. NextEvo Naturals knew if they were going to bring legitimacy to their product, they had to have it tested by an independent lab to show they were the real deal. Not only that, they were going to have to show that some popular brands weren’t delivering on their claims either.


The results from testing proved their hypothesis and we had to come up with a way to confidently inform users that NextEvo fully delivered their stated CBD content. We also had to be careful not to alienate users of other popular brands who had grown an affinity for them, but didn’t measure up on their claims.


The Accuracy Challenge was born.


Our original concept centered around the Potency Challenge, however there was some hesitation that it might conjure up other ideas regarding the product. The Accuracy Challenge delivered on the tone the client wanted to gain interest from people serious about CBD supplementation. Elements of the campaign included an online video to explain the challenge, digital banners, an informative landing page showcasing the results from the testing and native programmatic to integrate it into website content.


The video was part of an A/B test against a new brand video rotated into an existing programmatic media buy. Within the first two month of results, the Accuracy Challenge video had 63% more clicks than the brand video, and 64% more purchase conversions. The Accuracy Challenge banners also resulted in 111% more purchase conversions than all other banner messages in the market during that same time period.

We loved how 97 came up with the Accuracy Challenge to back up our lab results, even after we had pushed back on their original idea. It provided the right balance of scientific fact and intrigue to engage new CBD users to give us a try. We couldn’t have asked for more than that.

— John McDonogh, CEO


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