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We are an agency which is built around the belief that if you combine creative talent and humanity, you can help companies make their products, services and brands relevant to the life of their customers.  We look at technology as a tool and don't confuse it with an idea. We define creativity as the art of solving a marketing and business problem. 

Our agency specializes in four industry verticals: Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Energy with a mix of B2B and B2C.


97 Degrees West Brand Marketing in Austin Texas

 If you want to change what someone does, you need to change what they feel and what they think.  Defining your brand; what it means to your employees, customers, prospects and stakeholders, is not a marketing tactic. It is a business decision. 

(yes we are really that friendly, fun and adventurous)

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97 Degrees West Brand Marketing Firm In Austin Texas

Marketing success is dependent upon a strategy that supports your business objectives. Once you have the strategy, you determine the communication tactics that will deliver your message to people that want to hear from you. 

The marketing tactics available to marketers today can be overwhelming. It all looks so great just like the vegetables on the left. Our brains are geared towards achieving cognitive ease. Too many choices and you make no decision at all. 

We partner with you to develop your marketing strategy and marketing plan. We implement the plan. We set benchmark data for your plan and optimize accordingly.


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Create Your Content 

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Postioning and Messaging

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It’s not often you get the chance to work with a team who is really an extension of yours. 97DW partnered with us to launch such important initiatives as our refreshed brand, our new website and multiple advertising campaigns. Their insight, agility and creativity have helped us tap into the communities in Texas we serve, increase brand awareness and impact sales performance.

 Jessica Sullivan AVP, Brand & Marketing Management

FirstCare Health Plans


Russ LeBlanc

Managing Director

Russ oversees, directs and manages all strategy and client work at the agency. 
Favorite drink: I say no to wine... it just doesn't listen.

Secret accomplishment: The red couch on American Idol was his idea
Favorite musician: You probably don't know them yet.


Vera Fischer


Vera runs the marketing and sales efforts for the agency. She also has her hand in just about all things 97 Degrees West.
Favorite drink: Wine

Secret accomplishment: It's a secret
Favorite musician: Vance Joy


Briana Chenkin

Senior Account Supervisor

Briana manages day-to-day client work and leads all digital projects within the agency. 
Favorite drink: Anything with Tito's
Secret accomplishment: Won a jump-roping competition in 5th grade 
Favorite musician: Amos Lee

Olivia Claypool

Senior Visual Designer

Olivia is the lead on all things design. Whether it is digital or traditional, print ad or social media campaign, Olivia keeps our clients' brands consistent.
Favorite drink: Mexican Martini. Shaker Included.

Secret accomplishment: Starred in a local San Marcos TV commercial
Favorite band: Modest Mouse


Emma Casey

Senior Account Manager

Emma implements all inbound marketing campaigns for our clients and leads execution of strategic content for the agency.
Favorite drink: Wine. 

Secret accomplishment: Placed 3rd in a local short play competition. Her script was performed live.  
Favorite musician: Can't pick just one! David Bowie, Ratatat, Phantogram.


Cory Shaw

Junior Visual Designer

Cory supports the entire team with visual production and design. 
Favorite drink: Moscow Mule

Secret accomplishment: Hit a home run when playing in the national, weeklong tournament ("CBW") at the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Favorite band: Fun.


Mary Funk


Mary controls the money, ensures the financial health of the agency and keeps us on our toes. 
Favorite drink: Wine

Secret accomplishment: Puts up five Christmas trees in her house.
Favorite musician: Hank Williams


97 Degrees West Is A Hubspot Partner

Hubspot is the inbound marketing automation software that helps us market our clients in the smartest, most targeted way possible. Every member of our team is Inbound Marketing certified by Hubspot.